Empower Yourself & Heal The Wounds Of Your Past

Healing trauma through intuitive transformational experiences. Which systematically eliminates blocks, cultivating a deeper connection with your true self.

Here are some ways not healing trauma can keep you stuck in your life

  • Fear of not being good enough, smart enough, courageous enough, or worthy enough to be loved.
  • Excessive anxiety over reliving something that has happened or living something that might happen in the future.
  • You are afraid of failure and looking like a fool.
  • A fear of rejection, abandonment, or loneliness in all of your relationships.
  • Being afraid of not being able to conceive or being unable to be a good parent.
  • Fear of not having money, being rich or wealthy, or being successful.
  • Afraid of being vulnerable or being intimate with the people in your life.

Healing Trauma Begins With You

The journey to healing begins with YOU! There are many factors that make up your reality in terms of beliefs, thoughts, words, and actions you choose, so there is a good chance that if you have ended up here, you are having a difficult time in your current situation. This is a call to action for you to take ownership of your life, and to open your eyes to the possibilities that lie beyond your fears. Make the choice to step out of your comfort zone and change the direction of your life for a better one today.

Tania Meacher - Wild Weaver Of Feminine Alchemy -Turn your fears into freedom - Discover the secrets to balancing your nervous system and healing trauma - Spiritual Empowerment Coach

The Effects Of Trauma

Everybody wants the same things. Love, security, and happiness. And the deep desire to be fully understood, seen, and heard. Being who we want to be, not what we are expected to be! Birth and ancestral imprints, trauma, teachings of others, cultural programming, and your own experiences shape your beliefs.

Limiting beliefs and fears can prevent you from making changes or overcoming certain patterns, and can greatly impact your quality of life. You may feel trapped, paralysed, or overwhelmed by negative thoughts. Life may sometimes leave you feeling powerless.

Intergenerational Trauma

Stuck trauma, fears and intergenerational beliefs, from a physical perspective, may show up as, anxiety, depression, fertility, and womb health issues, migraines, hyperarousal, and insomnia. Plus, dissociation, overwhelming guilt or shame, irritability, angry outbursts, and aggressive behaviour. It can also result in autoimmune diseases like ME and fibromyalgia, or increase the risk of illness.

Break The Patterns

How many times have you tried to change the narrative & keep on repeating the same patterns? Whenever there is a lesson to learn, something that needs to be worked on, the same situation is repeated until either you learn your lesson or find a healthy way to deal with that particular situation. Learning these lessons can be a difficult but necessary process – one that will ultimately help you to grow and become stronger.

Free Yourself From Your Past & Heal the Wounds For You & Future Generations

Now is the time to take that journey to break the patterns, heal your wounds & discover your wisdom. Free yourself from your fears, inherited beliefs, ancestral imprints, individual and collective trauma. Regain your power, and control of your life. When you untangle all the inherited beliefs and patterns you’ve accumulated, access the wisdom of your body, and give back the stories that don’t belong to you, your authentic self is revealed. As a result, you are able to live a life aligned with your true purpose.

Simple Steps To Healing Trauma

I want to help you shed the layers of conditioning and beliefs that keep you trapped. By activating the parasympathetic nervous system and creating a safe and sacred space to explore your unique inner landscape. You can allow your body to access a deeper state of rest and healing. As well as healing and transforming you on a deep level by connecting with your authentic self.

Tania Meacher - Wild Weaver Of Feminine Alchemy -Turn your fears into freedom - Discover the secrets to balancing your nervous system and healing trauma - Spiritual Empowerment Coach
  • Shift your mindset to a more positive state of play
  • Make you shine in your own light by helping you step out of the shadows
  • Heal the wounds and triggers of the past
  • Free your body and mind from limiting restrictions that no longer serve you
  • Take control of your anxiety by empowering yourself
  • Embrace your own values and beliefs and live your life accordingly
  • Establish healthy and strong boundaries
  • Enhance the quality of your relationships (financial, personal, professional)
  • Change your lifestyle for the better by making positive changes
  • Cultivate self-love, self-compassion, self-awareness and self-belief in YOU
  • Rekindle your passion, pleasure, creativity, and sexuality
  • Be guided by your intuition, your body’s natural compass
  • Enhance your overall wellbeing by improving your immune system
  • Identify your purpose and path
  • Authentically and unapologetically express yourself

Break Free From The Cycle

Reclaim the power you have handed over to others, by taking a journey back to yourself. You and your ancestral lineage already possess the answers you seek. Connect to your inner wisdom and trust your intuition to unlock the answers within, allowing you to break free from the cycle and live an abundant life

Healing Trauma & Resetting The Nervous System

The unique W.I.L.D. framework that I developed combines science and ancient wisdom with psycho-spiritual coaching and an intuitive approach to the healing process. You will be able to soothe your nervous system and get your body back into a place of regulation. This will help you to release your blocks, and into a place of freedom and empowerment

Trauma Release Therapy

A safe container to allow the body to release trauma stored within it that has not been processed

Entangled Roots

Learn how generations of family patterns, behaviour, + emotions have unconsciously impacted you

Psycho-Spiritual Coaching

Discover who you are, what you want + what you need to let go of so that you can fully show up authentically as yourself

Intuitive Energy Healing

An immersive Celtic Shamanic energy healing, crystal healing, sound therapy, + an elemental approach to realignment

Womb Massage

An invitation to restore balance + harmony, supporting the feminine path, with an emphasis on womb health + fertility

Creative Empowerment Workshops

A self-care practice that allows for greater consciousness to be brought into the sacred feminine space

Client Love

I'm Tania Meacher

I am a trauma survivor. I have won multiple awards as a trauma-informed Spiritual Empowerment Coach. I am also the  Creatrix of Womb Alchemy®, Wild Emersion™, Wild Weaver™, and wisdom keeper of the feminine mystery codes and channel for sacred feminine arts.

In the past, I too have been driven by fear, until one day I decided enough was enough! 

Tania Meacher - Wild Weaver Of Feminine Alchemy -Turn your fears into freedom - Discover the secrets to balancing your nervous system and healing trauma - Spiritual Empowerment Coach

The paradox of trauma is that it has both the power to destroy and the power to transform and resurrect.
Peter A Levine