womb alchemy

Supporting the Spiritually Curious Woman who feels a calling to embark on a journey of discovery into herself.

Welcome to A Supportive, sacred space for all women to heal & grow.

Our connection to the womb often becomes lost & disconnected for so many of us. It is common to store the energetic imprints of past relationships, lovers, and emotional memories and traumas here. We all started out in our mother’s wombs and were deeply influenced by our experiences there. Women hold strong imprints and feelings in the womb space that often require much healing before we can become our full potential. 

PCOS, endometriosis, uterine fibroids, fertility issues and chronic fatigue have become more common among women, partly due to a world far removed from the cyclical rhythms that we are designed to follow.

I am committed to helping women who have lost touch with themselves, their spiritual mission, face health challenges, feel overwhelmed or burnt out, or are simply called to this work. Bringing them back in touch with their inner wise woman, or witch, their intuition, wisdom, and creative power.  

Womb & Fertility Massage, holistic therapies

I am here to guide you to remember who you are & live your life as the woman you inherently came here to be.

Whatever stage of womanhood you are in, whether you have a uterus or not, whether you are still in your bleeding years, transitioning into your moon-a-pause phase, or have completed your bleeding periods I provide a space that will allow you to explore your embodied womanhood and come to know your power as a Woman. Restoring your connection to Mother Earth, Lunar Cycles, your Sacred Womb.

Within you is a powerful, wise & magical Wise Woman. She calls to you to grow, expand & deepen the wisdom you hold inside.

The courses, workshops, resources, and services you’ll find here offer a transformative approach to womb wellness and spiritual awakening.



Are you ready to embrace a Womb-led spiritual practice?

  • Develop an increased awareness + intimacy with your Womb.
  • Build a deeper sense of trust + acceptance of yourself.
  • Heal your relationship with your body.
  • Healing from trauma + wounding.
  • Awakening your creative + sexual energy + learning how to channel it.
  • Balance your emotions + transform your mindset. 
  • Be attuned to your feminine sacred cycles.
  • Create balance + harmony in your day to day routines.
  • Feel empowered + capable of creating the life of your dreams.
  • Release + letting go any energetic, emotional + physical blocks blocks, fears + limitations.
  • Develop a deeper connection to who you are + claim your power as a woman.
  • Live from a fully embodied, centred + grounded space.
  • Releasing ancestral wounds.
  • Embracing conscious conception supporting fertility.
  • Reawaken your intuition, insight + inner powers + take back control of your life.

Hi, I'm Tania Meacher

An awarding winning Intuitive Healer, Spiritual Coach, Master Holistic Fertility Practitioner, Womb Whisperer, Moon Mother, Wise Woman and Wisdom keeper of the feminine mystery codes and channel for sacred feminine arts.

My purpose is to empower women through ancient practices, alchemy, and support, as well as awaken them to their womb power and align their feminine energies.

Tania Meacher - womb whisperer, womb alchemy

"At menarche a woman meets her power, during menstruation years she practices her power, at menopause she becomes her power"

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