Learn how to create a business from a place of soul alignment, ease & flow

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Have you dreamed of starting a business or been trying to grow your business & it's just not happening?

I love working with spiritual entrepreneurs, coaches, holistic therapists, energy workers, mystics + change makers who have big dreams for their business + are looking for a helping hand to take that big step in bringing that vision to life. Especially entrepreneurs that are newly qualified or starting out + feel totally overwhelmed by business building. Or are up + running with the basics but their hard work isn’t getting the results they want.


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What if you could have a business that embodies your core essence, That attracts your soul tribe clientele & makes YOU the expert in YOUR own field?

Together, we will develop your heart-centered, soul-balanced business & brand

I mentor spiritual entrepreneurs by providing a step-by-step approach to creating a business, that is both authentic + empowering. Allowing you to gain clarity + confidence with your core message + align with your soul’s purpose. As well as, encapsulate your essence that connects with your clients authentically + multiplies your income. Plus impact the world by doing the work that is abundant, soulful + meaningful. 


Lets create the business & life you truly desire

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A 3 month program designed to help start-up spiritual entrepreneurs: coaches, healers, therapists, lightworkers, energy workers, move makers + life changers, create, launch + grow a business to serve their soul-aligned clients. Weaving a blend of embodied coaching practices + spiritual alchemy we discover your energetic soul-aligned business blueprint.

Together we will Create Magic

Take action NOW to build the success you desire! This is the first step to create an authentic, abundant & empowering business you LOVE, in alignment with your soul!

When you consistently resonate with Your higher self, everything else comes naturally

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Hi, I'm Tania Meacher

An Intuitive Spiritual Business Coach + Mentor serving spiritual entrepreneurs.  Weaving a blend of embodied coaching practices + spiritual alchemy I help you get successful outcomes in creating, growing + launching your business! 

Taking that first step to offering your services with a clear vision is one of the hardest things to do. Coupled with the minefield of technology, systems, strategies, pricing, business basics + social media marketing plus fear of failure, self-doubt, lack of confidence can be overwhelming + extremely daunting.  

I hear you! I feel you, I have been where you are which is why I can help you move from a place of overwhelm to place of clarity.

Gain clarity & confidence in sharing what truly feels authentic to you, plus clearly communicate what sets you apart & attracts your soulmate clients

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What my clients Have to Say

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Every Change Starts with a Decision

If you have questions or are wondering if we would be the best fit to work together then book a coffee & crystals chat with me!

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The treasure is hidden inside of you.