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All You Need To Know About The Importance Of “Me Time”.

Make time for yourself a priority before you feel burnt out. Radical self-care includes giving yourself time off to relax and recharge

Do you ever feel like hitting the escape button and running away from it all when stress hits? Do you wish that life were simpler? Do you crave some time for yourself? How long can you carry on like this?

Do you ever feel that there are just not enough hours in the day? So many of us today have become experts at multi-tasking – by necessity, if not by choice! We manage our households, our careers, and our finances.

Working mums particularly feel guilty about spending time on their own. They feel that when they’re not at work they should be with the children. For many, their idea of me-time is: ‘I’ll catch up on a few household chores/feed the washing machine/go and buy food.’  If you’re tired and immune to emotions, your children will be especially affected by your lack of enthusiasm. “Me” time” is not a luxury  “me time” is a necessity, it will return you to your parenting station in peak condition.

Stress takes a toll on the mind and the body. It can affect it both physical and mental, these symptoms may indict it critical that you take some time out for YOU! Frequent headaches, dizziness, sore neck or muscles, chest pain, physical or mental fatigue, irritability or feeling overwhelmed, broken sleep patterns, trouble falling asleep or staying asleep, waking up early, changes in appetite, either eating too much or too little, food cravings, difficulty concentrating, “foggy brain”-unable to think clearly, difficulties in solving problems. These symptoms may also signal other medical problems that could require the immediate attention of your healthcare provider, so it’s worth taking the time to check it out.

There is no reason to wait until you are feeling burnt out to make time for yourself a priority. Building breaks into your days can help keep stress from mounting. We have become so busy that we tend to let life activities take over. We can feel as if we are running on auto-pilot, and before we know it, we have run out of steam. While working hard is necessary for a bright future, giving yourself time off to relax and recharge is equally important. Make it a part of your everyday schedule and don’t skip it—those breaks are just as important as any deadlines, homework, errands, or other activities you have going on. “Me time” is all about taking your mind off of work, your daily schedule, even if it’s only for half an hour, allowing your body to recharge, you will feel ready to take on any task that lies ahead.

What are the benefits of Me Time?

  • “Me time” helps to relieve stress and anxiety. When we are doing the things we enjoy, our body releases endorphins and in turn helps our body to deal with the detrimental effects of stress.
  • It improves our concentration. When we are relaxing and unwinding, we breathe differently, it slows down, we take in longer deeper breaths, which results in us inhaling more oxygen into our bodies, this helps our body in many ways including improved concentration and focus. We also become more emotionally stable. Increased oxygen helps our body to function physically and helps our brain to work mentally, it is also great for us emotionally. We become calmer, better prepared, and are able to deal with any problems we may encounter with more ease and take a logical, rational, or creative approach to them.
  • It renews our energy. When you relax and rest your body you will be feeling so much better. Overworking and not treating your body with care will soon become damaged and worn, showing signs of stress and illness.
  • Me time helps towards a better night’s sleep. When we are overtired and stressed come bedtime, it can take a long time to get to sleep at night, resulting in waking to feel un-refreshed and sluggish for the remainder of the day, leaving you ill-prepared and feeling as though we are unable to deal with everyday life as effectively and efficiently.

Do things that you enjoy, that invigorate you, enjoy your favourite hobby, go for a refreshing walk, take a long soak in a bubble bath, or treat yourself to a pampering treat like a holistic soothing massage, which can help you unwind.