A Business Coaching Program
For Spiritual Entrepreneurs
& Creatives

Spiritual business coaching program that helps spiritual entrepreneurs like you build & grow intuition-led businesses with more creativity, clarity, & confidence

Aligning your business with your soul's calling

I’ll show you step-by-step how to build a business brand that embodies you and your unique authentic essence so you can attract soul clients, multiply your income, and make a meaningful impact on the world.

Make the leap from fear to confidence

The majority of training programs teach you how to become a healer, a therapist, or a coach, but not how to make a successful business. The intuitive embodied and soul alchemy business coaching I offer incorporates practical and deep inner work to align with your divine timing, mission, and soul’s purpose.

Using my tools and rituals, I will help you stop procrastinating, step out of fear and into confidence, shift your mindset, and become fully aligned with who you are meant to be and who you are meant to serve while earning an income doing what you love!

Create the business of your dreams

Learn how to embrace your intuition and inner compass, listening to your soul’s calling, embodying your brilliance, discovering your passion, and discovering your highest purpose. Develop signature packages to support your soul clients, identify your niche market, and review your transformational pricing. Develop a clear mission statement, message, and visual identity for the brand. In addition, you’ll learn the foundations of business.

  • Learn how to tap into the highest expression of your soul’s calling
  • Get clear on the work you are being called to do
  • Move from a place of overwhelm to a place of clarity
  • Ditch your inner critic that says you’re “not good enough”
  • Create an authentic brand around who you are at soul level
  • Attract abundance as your authentic self within your business
  • Create a profitable business with your gifts
  • Receive inspiration,  accountability + momentum
  • Feel confident to share your message authentically
  • Make a living doing what you love!

Discover Your Creative Genius

Discover how to reveal your authentic voice and personality while building trust and reliability to attract your tribe with your stories! Learn new beliefs, habits, strategies, and tools to help you succeed in business


Spiritual Business Coaching Program

Create an authentic and empowering business with a step-by-step approach. You will travel deep inside the heart and soul of your brand. This self-led course is designed to reveal the essence of who you are, how you communicate your message and how you offer your services in alignment with your soul’s purpose. The content of this program comes from all the lessons I learned to build my successful business from scratch and with limited funds; within the portal you will discover what’s really involved in setting up and running a business, from the business basics right the way through to marketing.

Online Training Portal

An alchemy of intuitive embodied business coaching practices, tools and resources to help you uncover complete clarity for your business brand through workbooks, audios and video.

Soul Blueprint & Strategy

As you follow your intuition, honour your unique skills, and follow your passions, you'll gain insight into what's in your Soul DNA and what you were born to do.

Soul Branding

Canva branding guide to help you create a brand that looks, feels, and works for you across social media, your website, and your business cards

Dedicated Support Portal

Providing support, encouragement, and guidance so you can build your dream business, giving you financial freedom, flexibility, and so much more

Bonus Content & Resources

Additional resources to help you elevate your business branding and marketing to attract soul-aligned clients. Equipping you with the knowledge and tools to set yourself up for success

ALIGN ~ modules 1-4

  • Identify your personal values + soul gifts and how they relate to your business.
  • Define the YOU in your brand + align with your soul values.
  • Determine your ‘why’ + ‘how’ you want to make an impact through your business.
  • Discover your soul-aligned customer. Who you want to attract, + why?
  • Reveal your customer ‘triggers’/ problems you want to help them solve.
  • Nail your niche + unique soul position within your market.
  • Write your soul-aligned mission statement.
soul alchemist method spiritual business coaching

RECLAIM ~ modules 5-8

  • Release fears, negative beliefs, or blocks that are holding you back from expansion
  • Address imposter syndrome + overwhelm.
  • Shift money blocks, defining your income goals, + discover your transformation price
  • Raise your energetic income level.
  • Learn how to set healthy boundaries within your business.
  • Time management resources.
  • Mindset magic tools + abundance practices.
  • Essential self-care practices to prevent burnout + prevent self-sabotage.
  • Connect to your natural ‘flow’ for greater productivity + impact.
soul alchemist method spiritual business coaching

ENVISION ~ modules 9-11

  • Utilise storytelling techniques to help you reach soul-aligned customers in your marketing.
  • Outline your soul-aligned business goals, legacy, mission, + vision.
  • Create a brand from your heart, voice, + tone will transform  your passion into a soul-led lifestyle business.
  • Design a branding guide that represents the soul of your brand, with a visual mood board that exhibits your colour palette + typography.
soul alchemist method spiritual business coaching

"She has an empathetic soul & knows exactly how to help you discover what it is that you need."

This self-led program is for you if...

  • You have a million creative ideas but don’t know how to implement them into your business.
  • You need clarity on your ideal client in order to niche your business for greater success
  • You have tried numerous business strategies that just don’t work for you.
  • You have so many gifts, talents and qualifications, but you aren’t attracting the right paying clients.
  • Your business is not growing because you lack self-confidence and self-belief
  • You avoid doing anything to grow your business due to frequent procrastination and self-sabotage
  • You don’t know how to target your ideal clients effectively
  • You lack the skills and knowledge when it comes to technology, systems, strategies, and social media
  • You feel completely overwhelmed with all the options, advice, and opinions on how to build your business
  • You’re looking for an affordable coaching program that can provide a step-by-step approach to guide you through the building of your dream business


Self-led Spiritual Business Coaching Program

 Lifetime access to an online training portal 

Content-rich workbooks, video & audio

Tools + rituals for mindset, abundance + growth

Money Mindset for Success

Step by step business plan

Soul branding guide

 Accountability & Support 

Bonus Content & Resources 

total value £ 2150

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If you have any qustions you would like to ask before commiting to purchasing this self-led program, get in touch.