Celtic Prayer Beads

Or Paidirean (PAH-jur-in) are ancient Celtic forms of meditation necklaces.

Hand-crafted one of a kind Celtic Inspired Prayer Beads

 Throughout history, beads have been used as tools for spiritual practice, drawing seekers closer to the Divine with each bead touched and prayer offered. Some of the most common prayer beads are mala beads, used by Buddhists and Hindus, and rosaries, used by Catholics. These prayer beads were inspired from my visit to my motherland of Scotland.

Each strand holds 108 beads, including the spiral beads, and the the charm beads.  

The gemstone beads are washed and bathed under the Full Moon before being threaded. The Sacred Space has been prepared, and my altar is set up to honour the great Cailleach. As I create each hand-knotted strand, I use conscious intention and spiritual guidance.

The Spiral Bead

8 spiral beads, representing the Celtic Wheel of the Year and the eight sabbats/festivals.

The Charms

3 charms on each strand – the Celtic knot, the Tree of Life, and the Goddess, (the tree of life charm varies)

The Invitation Beads

There are three invitation lava stone beads on each strand. If you wish, you can add a few drops of your favourite essential oil. Each bead represents.

WISDOM – receive and hear the wisdom of your ancestors, your teachers, your lineage

GRATITUDE – be thankful for all that you have, here and now.

PRESENCE – Being fully present within the body will help you to remove your consciousness out of the past and the potential future events, bringing it into the now.

The Goddess Bead

For you to set the intention of your prayer.

the elements collection

Limited edition - 2021

A limited edition collection, inspired by the elements. 

Celtic prayer beads
Celtic prayer beads
Celtic prayer beads
Celtic prayer beads

the Solstice collection

Gemstone Adjustable Bracelets
rose quartz bracelet
carnelian bracelet
green aventurine bracelet
clear quartz bracelet

Goddess Pendulums

Goddess gemstone divination tool with spirial detail

Custom Designs can be made, contact me with your requirements to get a quote