Celtic Spirt Weaver

Celtic inspired,  ancient traditional,  hand-crafted products for Altars, Sacred Circles and Sacred Space

The unfolding of a vision

My life’s passion has always been books, ancient myths and mysteries, crystals, candles, and pilgrimages to sacred sites. The more I explore, the more I discover about myself as a descendant of one of the oldest Scottish clans and with Celtic heritage.

I have learnt that my grandmothers danced between the worlds and possessed a thorough knowledge of herbalism, talismans, stone medicine, and doll making. Life was infused with ritual and ceremony, and faery lore. Which revealed so much to me about why I was drawn to the path I have chosen.

In 2021 I was called to my motherland, Scotland. A two-week road trip. All the places I visited made me feel the emotional pull of the land. A felt a deep connection to my Celtic ancestors. From this pilgrimage I was called to create and connect with ancient crafts. To drop into my sacral centre and tune into my womb space, this is where Celtic Spirit Weaver was birthed.

It’s my intention to hold these products within this portal here, but for the time being as I grow my collection I will be showing via my Etsy shop.