Entangled Roots & Family Constellations

Untangle the complex web of ancestral fields

What if you could track the cause of your anxiety, barriers to financial prosperity, health challenge or frustrating relationship dynamic to something that happened in your lineage?

    • Have you been dealing with problems in your relationships, difficulties between parents and children, financial hardships, or professional struggles, as well as addictions or self-sabotage?
    • Have you ever felt that you are not living your life as fully as you could be, or that you are unable to reach your life goals?
    • Do you find yourself repeating the same negative behaviours, time and time again?
    • Do you feel as if you are being restricted in some way?
    • Have you felt weighed down by persistent feelings of fear, anger, anxiety, depression, sadness, or guilt?
    • Are you experiencing overwhelm, grief, or bereavement?
    • Are you suffering from unexplained illnesses, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)?

The Entangled Roots and Family Constellations model can help us understand why we have certain beliefs, patterns, & traumas as a result of our family history

Entangled Roots and Family Constellations are both holistic healing modalities. Through them, you learn how to overcome personal challenges resulting from your past, your family history, and in particular your own family history. 

Some people have difficulty relating well to their family members and living their lives to the fullest. Despite their best efforts, they feel trapped by their family dynamics, as if powerful forces are keeping them from achieving their goals. The effects of this can be felt in your body and senses. 
Relationship difficulties can arise between partners, parents, and children, siblings, and other important relationships due to entanglements in family dynamics. Consequently, they can also trigger other difficulties in our lives, such as addiction, illness, and negative patterns.
When you understand your entangled roots, you will be able to discover how generations of patterns, behaviours, and emotions within your family have unconsciously influenced and impacted you.

It is said that 70% of the psychological problems that affect us come from our family history & relationships

A variety of modalities are woven into Entangled Roots and Family Constellations, including Psychodrama, Ceremony, Rituals, Energetic Boundaries, and Reframing Visualisations.
The process of your session involves working with the systemic energy field as we explore the connection between your current life issues and problems and the issues of past generations.

We can also explore the deeper dynamics behind an illness, and investigate whether it is a systemic issue. As a result, it can provide valuable information about the emotional stresses associated with illness. 

As illnesses can be multidimensional, there is no guarantee of a cure. However, it is always beneficial to support the healing process in many different ways.
While some of the techniques might seem out there, they are based on the idea that there is energy within family groups that connects every member to every other.
There is also scientific evidence to back the idea of trauma becoming imprinted on our DNA and manifesting in successive generations. Inherited trauma has also been studied in the descendants of holocaust survivors and prisoners of war.

Seeing the hidden dynamics behind the issue that is holding you back from a totally different perspective transforms it for you, your children, & future generations  

Understanding where our problems originate, and realising that our relatives might have experienced the same feelings, is key to breaking the cycle.
There are three key principles that guide a session:


Families have a natural order, and when someone doesn’t feel a part of this order, it has negative effects on themselves, future generations, and the current generation.
It is the right of every individual to belong. 
When a family member is excluded, the relational field, or the Knowing Field, is disturbed. It is these disturbances that are passed on to future generations in the form of physical and mental illness, relationship challenges, and obstacles that prevent one from living fully. Until the family system is restored to wholeness, these patterns are repeated.
For example, if you have trouble connecting with the people around you, you may find that a grandfather was ostracized from his family, felt isolated as a result, and carried that forward into future generations. By making these patterns conscious, we’re empowered to release them. 


Everyone in a family system has the right to belong, as well as their place within the family system’s hierarchy. As a result of this right order, love can flow freely. It is called the Orders of Love. 
When a family system is disordered, there is a ripple effect that alters the ability of a family to function as a healthy system. For example, a child may unconsciously be acting in the role of a parent or a sibling may not be operating according to birth order.


A truth statement acts as an energetic adjustment of the soul. When we acknowledge “what is,” we stimulate family changes that enhance belonging and correct order. What belongs to us can be carried and what doesn’t can be released. 

In constellation work, acknowledgment can be achieved through subtle energy shifts, eye contact, and the use of “healing words” that strengthen the soul and awaken our consciousness. 

Our lineage gives us the power to work with the past in the present to create a better future.

Some of the Benefits of Entangled Roots & family constellations

  • Releasing the blockages that are restricting your growth
  • Eliminating generational burdens for you, your children, and their children
  • Clearing the impact of transgenerational trauma in your life
  • Redefining your relationship with money, finances, and abundance
  • Creating positive changes in your relationships (parents, partners, children, colleagues, friends, etc.).
  • Making peace with your past and accepting who you are today
  • Improving empathy, love, and compassion in yourself and others
  • Finding clarity about your life goals and who you are as a person
  • Bringing yourself into alignment on all levels

Are you ready to make that change?

Allow me to hold you as you unravel the entangled roots that are out of alignment, so that you step fully into your truth 




Delivered in person or online in a group setting


Work with me in-person on a 1:1 basis


As a result of the Constellation work, you can get in touch with who you are and heal the gaps you may feel due to not knowing your family.

There is still a significant role played by those who have passed away in the dynamic. We work with constellations on a soul level.

In this case, it doesn’t matter since all the information we need lies within you.

Client Experience

Our bodies heal when we connect the mind & body & allow stored negative emotions & trauma to surface to be processed