As you feel your way into the next 12 months, I will hold space for you to connect with your body and intuition. Creative rituals will be used in this workshop to deepen your connection to intuition and to support you in getting clear about your dreams for 2023.


Throughout ancient times, we have sat in women’s circles sharing stories, and songs, and creating sacred crafts. Afterward, these powerful creations were used in ceremonies, rites of passage, rituals, and trade. We experience a remembering, a rebirth, a re-weaving of this deep, soul-nourishing, ancient practice when we return to this space today. In so doing, it triggers a memory deep in our bones that nurture a part of us we didn’t know we needed. Our sisterhood wounds are healed in women’s circles as we practice non-judgment and presence. Words spoken amongst us offer opportunities for self-reflection.


Wild Weavers are a gathering of women, for women. These sisterhood meetings give women a safe space to connect, share, and empower. Women reawaken their connection to intuition, imagination, and the ability to flow with the rhythms of life. It is about remembering and reclaiming your deep cyclical wisdom, healing your sisterhood wounds, liberating your ancestral stories, and embracing your feminine wisdom.

  • You are encouraged to show up fully as you are.
  • You have the opportunity to breathe and gently anchor yourself back to your body.
  • Be soft and open to receiving the magic that happens when women gather with intention.
  • Through breathwork voice activation and guided movement, you will cleanse and shift.
  • The wild woman in you will be nurtured, supported, uplifted, and empowered.
  • Create cellular, embodied change by tapping into your unique medicinal wisdom – the wild medicine of your ancestors.
  • You will learn how to harness and embrace your intuition, energy, and magical powers, as well as the healing power of nature’s wild cycles and rituals.
  • Embrace your wild and wonderful soul’s call and connect with your magical and mysterious wise oracle.
  • Embrace the deeper parts of yourself you’ve secretly hidden and shamed.
  • And acknowledge that every woman has her own gifts, wounds, strengths, and shadows.


Together we weave our personal stories, the stories of our ancestors, the stories of nature, and our collective beliefs and bring them together through feminine movement practices and meditations, intimate heart sharing, priestess rituals, creative art, journaling, self-inquiry, song, drum journeys, and ceremonies centred around fire, water, earth, and air. In this space, you can let go, grow, heal, and cultivate your true self. You celebrate each other’s uniqueness and beauty; a place where tears and laughter are met with love, acceptance and understanding.

✧ Ceremony & Rituals – reconnecting to ancient wild medicine ways

✧ Shadow work & Self-inquiry – techniques to bring more awareness to patterns, conditioning, and unconscious behaviours, to release what no longer serves, and enhance feminine expression. Learning to trust your body, your emotions, your feelings, and your intuition, and surrendering to the wild medicine woman within

✧ Intimate heart sharing – build deep intimacy and a safe container

✧ Feminine movement practices – learning to connect with the sensations and desires of the body, moving for our own pleasure, listening deeply to the wisdom of the body, and unblocking stuck energy

✧ Voice activation – breath work, chanting, singing – Communication, creativity, and self-expression are all facilitated by the throat chakra. A chakra imbalance may make it harder for you to communicate effectively.  As a result of this practice, stuck energy is cleared, allowing you to express yourself without fear.

✧ Sound therapy – guided drumming journey, collective music making

✧ Ancient crafts – crafting things such as altar cloths, medicine rattles, smudge sticks, medicine pouches, clay deities, anointing oils, woven art, and more.

Please note, no one is ever turned away due to financial reasons. I offer concessions of £5/10 to make these workshops as accessible as possible. Please message me here to request a link.


  • blanket
  • cushion
  • yoga mat
  • journal & pen
  • mug (for teas)
  • teaspoon for the altar
  • Wear loose comfy clothes and in layers


  • Chairs are provided to sit upon inside the women’s circle. (I am done with sitting on the floor for several hours, my bones are too old) Mats are required for movement and mediation
  • Refreshment – herbal teas


Please park in the East Pallant car park. It is free to park after 6pm. There will be signage to point you to the right doorway when you get to the centre.

  • Date : 9-1-2023
  • Time : 19:00 - 21:30 (Europe/London)
  • Reg. Deadline : 9-1-2023
  • Venue : The Pallant Centre. The Pallant, Havant, PO9 1BE.

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