An invitation to restore balance & harmony whilst reconnecting & reawakening you to your intuitive body wisdom

Supporting the feminine path, with an emphasis on womb health, menstrual health & fertility 


Fertility Womb Massage is a non-invasive, gentle and yet deep massage.  Covering the upper & lower abdomens and digestive system, from the diaphragm to the pubic bone and the upper & lower backs and glutes. During this process, we work over the conception vessel (Ren), the Mother Line, as well as the lower chakras and pelvic bowl. The focus of this work goes deeper than just a massage-we get to the heart of emotions and energies.

Essentially, Fertility Womb Massage can help women at any point in their lives, supporting the feminine path, from menarche to menopause.   Including conception, fertility issues, post-hysterectomy, baby loss, miscarriage, and abortion.


So many of us can be experiencing a loss and disconnection from the sacred space of the womb. We often store the energetic imprints of past relationships, lovers, and emotional memories and trauma here. It is possible that we are still holding onto fears and patterns inherited from our parents or from negative sexual experiences experienced early in life. Even menstruation issues, menopause, or hysterectomy may cause us to feel negative about our wombs. Often, these imprints stay buried in our subconscious, creating energetic blocks within our womb space.  When the energy is blocked, a number of physical ailments and dis-eases can manifest.

Activating your womb and her grounding and healing feminine energy is the key to reversing this imbalance. By taking care of your body, you embody the creative cycle of receiving, transforming, creating, and sharing.

As you develop a deep connection to your womb and body temple, you are able to connect to your innate wisdom, energies, guidance, and support that will nourish your spirit, yourself, and all aspects of your life in perfect harmony with your divine nature.


Studies have shown that the gut contains all the same neurological processes and receptors as the brain. Despite housing many of your vital organs, the abdomen receives little attention. Many cultures around the world have recognised the importance of caring for this area of the body and have long since embraced abdominal massage as a way to support health and wellbeing.

The abdominal area stores many of your emotions, including fear, anger, and resentment. When these emotions arise, the abdominal muscles tighten and block blood flow. 

By restoring the natural flow and position of the uterus and abdominal organs through touch and intuitive connection, fertility womb massage increases and improves the delivery of blood, lymph, nerve, and chi energy throughout your entire body.

The deep colon part of the massage also stimulates the removal of waste products, which improves circulation, boosts absorption, and supports the immune system. With 80% of the immune system residing here, optimising digestive health has wide-reaching benefits throughout the body. A good digestive and metabolic function can be enhanced with abdominal massage and aid in weight loss.

The sacral area is also worked on as part of the whole internal system which connects nerves and muscles to the digestive and reproductive systems.


A misaligned uterus can contribute to painful periods, PCOS, Endometriosis, heavy or irregular menstruation, and endometriosis.

During Fertility Womb Massage the uterus is encouraged to find its optimal position. As well as helping to relieve bladder pressure, and strengthen surrounding tissues.

Gentle but effective massage techniques are applied to the womb, abdomen, lower back, and sacrum, to relieve congestion, strengthen muscles and ligaments, improve circulation, and balance hormones. Plus helps to remove old, stagnant blood and breaks down adhesions and scar tissue, especially after a cesarean section


Many women who have experienced abuse, either physical or emotional, or who have miscarried, stillborn, or gone through termination find Fertility Womb Massage to be very beneficial. Aiding in the process of healing by using the mind, body, and soul to help them feel comfort and peace.

While grief is a natural process, it can affect our functioning and perception of the world around us, often resulting in a disconnected state. Fertility Womb Massage can help with reconnection to mind and body.

Receiving a  gentle comforting touch during such a difficult time, often allows the emotions to surface and flow freely in a safe and held space.  


Fertility is so much more than the physical act of making a baby. It takes an average of 74 days or 2-3 months for sperm to grow and mature.  Ova can take anywhere from 90-150 days to reach final maturation. That means that 3-6 months of care and planning can greatly improve the quality of these precious resources. Taking the time to prepare on all levels for pregnancy with conscious awareness is conscious conception.

The contributing factors to fertility issues may include stress/anxiety, hormonal imbalance (such as endometriosis, polycystic ovarian syndrome, irregular or non-existent periods, etc.).

Many other factors can affect the ability to conceive. A modern lifestyle is not only a significant influence on your health, but also on your level of fertility. This is directly impacted by the foods you eat, your lifestyle, and even your job, which can affect both you and your partner. For couples wanting to give their children the absolute best start in life, the preparation will begin before conception. 


It is all about getting your bodies ready. It is also about producing the highest quality product – the sperm – to begin this new life.  You are born with your full quota of ova, or eggs, so the validity of these is genetic. The man’s sperm is produced constantly and is more vulnerable to toxins, drugs, and environmental pollutants. This is why the male’s participation in the preparation is equally as important as your preparation.

It is essential for conception that the reproductive, digestive, and sacral systems are in harmony and in balance.  A fertility womb massage alleviates congestion and circulation blockages in the tissues supporting the womb, the abdomen, and the sacrum. Allowing blood to flow better to the uterus, ovaries, and fallopian tubes, and nerve impulses to reach the organs. The benefits of fertility womb massage extend beyond aligning the uterus to improving the quality of uterine linings and eggs as well as balancing hormones throughout the entire reproductive system. The abdomen may also be relieved of emotional and energetic congestion. All of which helps you prepare for conscious conception by supporting your emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

Sessions can also improve the outcomes of IUIs and IVFs.



Women, post-hysterectomy, are often prone to emotional trauma and depression following their operation. Including a sort of mourning for what had been removed, a part of womanhood that leaves a sense of void. If you suffered considerably when you had your womb, it’s common to be emotionally detached from the energetics of this space too.

Loss is a valid and important emotion. Even though the flesh and blood of your womb have been removed – the etheric organ is still there! In addition to functioning as a physical organ, the womb is also a spiritual centre of intuition, creativity, and power. 

Fertility Womb Massage helps with this grieving process and brings about a reconnection and remembering of your feminine wisdom and power.

During Menopause, the ovaries stop ovulating as much when we reach menopause, so oestrogen and progesterone levels fall. Women can experience heavy, painful bleeding, uneven bleeding, or lighter bleeding as oestrogen and progesterone levels in their bodies fluctuate. Fertility Womb Massage can offer much-needed relief from these symptoms.  


The second chakra ~ Svadhisthana: The sacral chakra

The second chakra ~ Svadhisthana: The sacral chakra

This chakra represents creativity and sexuality, as well as emotion. Located above the pubis bone and just below the navel. If your sacral chakra is out of balance, you may experience physical symptoms confined to your lower abdomen, back, and reproductive and digestive organs.

Among the most common physical symptoms:

  • Constipation
  • Back pain
  • Urinary + kidney infections
  • Gynecological cysts
  • Abnormal menstruation
  • Infertility
  • Impotence

Sacral chakra imbalance frequently manifests as emotional and psychological difficulties, including:

    • Depression
    • Low self-esteem
    • Insecurity
    • Instability
    • Detachment
    • Jealousy
    • Fear
    • Anxiety
The third Chakra ~ Manipura : The Solar Plexus Chakra 

The third Chakra ~ Manipura : The Solar Plexus Chakra 

Both physical, emotional strength and balance reside here. Located above your belly, beneath your diaphragm. In addition to being closely linked to digestive health, it can affect other systems as well.

Common physical symptoms of a blocked third chakra include:

  • Ulcers, Poor digestion, gas, nausea
  • Hypoglycemia
  • Asthma + other respiratory problems
  • Arthritis
  • Organ problems, especially in the liver + kidneys
  • Nerve pain + fibromyalgia
  • Difficulty gaining or losing weight
  • Controlling, intolerant, or excessively competitive behaviour
  • Diabetes, Overeating + overindulgence
  • Fatigue or excessive laziness

Symptoms of energy deficiency include:

    • Insecurity
    • Fear
    • Depression, anxiety
    • Low body weight and poor appetite
    • Lack of confidence and poor self-image
    • Inability to focus and lack of organisation
    • Addiction


  • Promotes a regular menstrual cycle + improves the flow.
  • Decreases cramps, painful bleeds + blood clots.
  • Resets hormonal balance.
  • Improves ovarian function, egg quality, + ovulation naturally.
  • Helps to increase the quantity + quality of cervical mucus
  • Complements IVF, Fertility + Conception Processes.
  • Addresses unexplained fertility.
  • Relieves endometriosis, PCOS + fibroid symptoms.
  • Resolves blocked Fallopian tubes.
  • Re-position + alignment of a tilted uterus
  • Strengthens the internal reproductive organs
  • Improves digestion + helps detoxification.
  • Reduces IBS symptoms, such as bloating + stomach cramping
  • Helps to heal past sexual trauma
  • Honours previous miscarriages/stillbirths
  • Reduces stress
  • Helps to release held in emotions, grief, + trauma
  • Releases childhood traumas
  • Addresses maternal problems
  • Eases constipation + settles diarrhoea
  • Reduces Pre-menopause or Menopausal symptom
  • Alleviates lower back pain + migraines


A comprehensive consultation form has to be completed and submitted prior to your 120-minute appointment. Our time together will be spent discussing your genealogical journey and any emotional issues that may arise, followed by a full Fertility Womb massage.

 A variety of ancestral massage techniques are used: Abdominal Massage, Pulsing, Acupressure, and Rebozo.

Fertility womb massage can include some or all of the following:

An external non-invasive abdominal massage,  that aims to encourage the repositioning of internal organs that have shifted and are thereby restricting blood flow, lymphatic drainage, nerve enunciation, and energy.

A pulsing technique is a rhythmic, rocking type of bodywork that revolves around gently rocking you in rhythm with 120-160 beats per minute, which is the same rate as heartbeats within the womb. In addition to releasing physical responses to emotional traumas, pulses increase blood and lymphatic flow throughout the body, which is important for fertility, including digestion and the pelvic region.  Lastly, we gently encourage the fascia that surrounds every muscle and organ in our body to release. In addition, a misaligned womb is also able to gently shimmy back into position.

Acupressure is the technique of gently pressing on acupuncture points. The fingertip is used rather than needles for great results.

Rezobo Massage is a method of massaging the body using a shawl to increase blood flow and relieve tension. Rebozo is used to wrap your body at the end of each session. You leave feeling grounded and centred.

Intuitive  energy healing

Guided visualisations, meditation, and breathing exercises

Sound (tuning forks, chimes, rattle, shamanic drumming)

Using castor oil packs to break down scar tissue and assist the liver in cleansing and yoni steaming to release stagnant energy are both recommended. Both of which can be helpful for endometriosis, pain, and PCOS.

My part in your journey is to listen, witness, and honour.  When it comes to emotional support many of us have never felt truly heard or been unable to voice our deepest needs. I offer you space to let go of your fears, and any deep-seated emotions and let yourself be vulnerable, accepting there will be no judgement and that you will be held in a safe and nurturing environment.

Additional information

Fertility Womb Massage is not recommended: If you have a coil fitted, you are in your first trimester of pregnancy, recent abdominal surgery, or if you have an infection or high temperature.

In order for you to achieve the best possible results, you need to be treated several times throughout your cycle. It is also recommended that you follow the home-care plan following your Fertility Womb Massage sessions to get the best results

Do not have a heavy meal within about an hour before your massage, and as with all massages do not drink alcohol beforehand. Drink plenty of water and avoid alcohol and heavy food for 24 hours. As with all therapies involving massage, you may experience slight tiredness or mild flu-like symptoms for up to 24 hours afterward due to the toxin released from your body.

Fertility Womb Massage does not claim to cure or diagnose any medical conditions, nor does it replace any medical care that you are under. If you have any medical concerns, please consult with your Doctor or Health Care Professional. 



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