Manifest Your Dream Business

Tania Meacher guides you through a Manifesting Meditation to create the business you desire

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Do you want to have a soul-led business that generates a magical income giving you a greater freedom & time?

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31-Day Vision Aligned Journal Guide

18 page PDF guide to create heart-centred goals, raise your vibrations + remove limiting beliefs.

  • 31-days of journal prompts to transform your thoughts to a positive mindset
  • A gratitude practise for inner peace + to promote positive feelings. 
  • 25 activities to boost your mood
  • How to raise your vibrations 
  • Limiting beliefs busting exercise
  • How to set sacred space


Soulful Morning Ritual

Some of the most successful and productive people follow
morning routines. Morning routines practised daily
encourage presence + grounded living and have huge healing potential

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The universe buries strange jewels deep within us all, and then stands back to see if we can find them

 ~ Elizabeth Gilbert