Join me in an intensive power hour coaching session to gain clarity & motivation around your business.

Looking for insight within your business? 

With over 11 years plus as a successful awarding-winning holistic practitioner, I totally get the woo! I fully understand the ethos behind our industry + how conventional strategies often don’t sit with us when we try to implement them within our business.

illumination strategy power hour coaching

Illumination Strategy

An hour-long power session tailored to your needs, whether that’s creating clarity + a plan of action, or maybe a new avenue for your work as you pivot. The session is via Zoom + can help you with business strategy + skills as well as important mindset tools.  Together we’ll craft a session that’s laser focused on exactly what needs your attention the most. 


illumination strategy - power hour coaching sessions

You will receive the following when you book a Power Hour Coaching session with me:

  • A pre-session questionnaire to craft our session based on what you need and so you get maximum value out of the time we have together. 
  • 60-minute online zoom session
  • Access to your recorded session
  • Email access for 7-days for accountability, to kick around any ideas, or to get an extra boost of motivation.
  • A full refund of your Power Hour session in the form of a £99 discount if you choose to invest in my signature Coaching Programme, Soul Alchemist Method within 28 days of your initial session

Power hour sessions are perfect for the following topics:

  • You want to find your purpose + reignite your business

  • How to identify + target ideal clients

  • Pricing + profitability

  • Getting “unstuck” + problem solving

  • Gaining clarity around a new project

  • Managing overwhelm + self-doubt

  • Accountability + motivation

  • Gain clarity + focus on your business direction + vision

  • Confidence boosting

  • Your mind is filled with all these amazing ideas, but you can’t seem to figure out where to start

Enlightenment is not just one state

If you feel you need more than one session, or need help with multiple issues, you might benefit from the Soul Alchemist Method

Today I had my first one to one session with Tania and in honesty I wasn’t sure what to expect. 

I requested to talk through my business plans and ideas which Tania agreed to. I expressed my ideas and Tania encouraged me to go further, what were my ultimate goals and dreams? What did my ideal life look like and feel like? What can we put in place now and what do we need to put in place to get there in the near future. We talked through pricing strategies. Tania suggested some good ideas for marketing and protecting my business name and image plus T&Cs, which I had not thought about previously. Tania picked up on my enthusiasm for one part of the business and so we discussed this in further detail. Looking at how to connect with my ideal client and creating a community.

It was an amazing session and I was absolutely thrilled, I came away with a newfound confidence that I can do this. I just need to put the work in now and Tania is holding me accountable to that.. I would highly recommend to anyone who needs support for themselves or their business or is even thinking about it …just do it …you won’t look back.

Many thanks


Had a wonderful mentoring session today with Tanya.  Would highly recommend. She knows how to motivate and encourage without being
pushy and understands where you are in your own journey. Would recommend for any therapist who is looking to make their business progress. 
I learned so much in an hour. Can’t wait to do it again soon.


Holistic Practitioner

“Magic is believing in yourself. If you can make that happen, you can make anything happen.”

“The only difference between ordinary & extraordinary is that little extra.”

 ~ Jimmy Johnson