Inner Child Healing a great way to empower yourself - Creative Empowerment Workshops for mind, body, and spirit.

Inner Child Healing Workshop

The inner child healing workshop offers a safe, intimate space for reconnecting to your inner-child and laying the foundation for true healing.

Reconnect with your inner child in this half-day workshop. Offering a safe space to gently connect with your inner child to create the foundations of true healing.

The workshop could be ideal for anyone interested in learning and integrating new and more supportive behaviours into their relationships, friendships, and work lives.

What is inner child healing?

Inner child healing is a way to address your needs that haven’t been met as children and heal the attachment wounds you’ve developed. This concept acknowledges the fact that our behavior as adults is shaped by the experiences we had as children. As a result of inner child work, we are able to address our unmet needs by reparenting ourselves to a better place. By doing this kind of self-discovery, we are able to gain a greater understanding of our behaviors, triggers, wants, and needs. 

The workshop

You will learn to connect to your inner child’s version of yourself and to better understand what your child needed and did not receive during that time. Being a witness to their experience, understanding the defense mechanisms they have designed to survive.  Plus being able to understand how you as a grown-up might be able to support them to get what they need in a way that is both beneficial for you.
This day will give you an opportunity to reconnect with your creativity, too – all of the resources needed for the day will be included in this class.
Be prepared for an emotional and empowering day where you will re-connect with yourself and meet others on this beautiful journey.
This Workshop will include:
  • Opening and Closing Ceremony with sound healing
  • Understanding what is the inner child
  • Inner journey to recognising core beliefs developed during your childhood
  • Deepening inner child connection exercises
  • Meditation and breathwork
  • Circle discussion and group participation
  • Support to heal past wounds in a safe space of like-minded people
  • Tools to help you continue your relationship with your inner child in your daily life

TIME: 9:30 am – 13:30 pm

WHAT’S PROVIDED: Tea, Coffee & light refreshments, plus all workshop materials.

VENUE: Located at my home in Havant, Hampshire. Please be aware that there will be a very friendly dog sharing the space with us. You will receive an email confirming the full address details, and any additional information, once you have purchased your ticket

Very limited numbers – The space is open for four women, please book early to avoid disappointment.

COST: £66