Monthly energy forecast readings. What's instore for YOU next month? This year?


With intuitive readings, one can develop a deeper understanding of oneself, learn life lessons, and discover the present opportunities for shift, healing, and growth.

Intuitive readings can help you with your most pressing questions about life, such as relationships, career, study, parenting, health, emotions, living arrangements, and finances. You can ask open-ended questions so that I can channel whatever insight I receive, or targeted questions, in which I will offer insight and guidance tailored to your particular question.


intuitive reading, oracle cards, tarot card reading

As with all readings, you shouldn’t take every bit of insight at face value… all info is open to interpretation, and since we all have free will, things can change. In the event that you are pleased with your reading, keep doing what you are doing with trust and faith. The law of attraction enables you to adjust your direction if you don’t like the information you receive. The power lies within you. You can influence the outcomes by changing your thoughts, attitudes, perceptions, and beliefs. It’s also important to remain open to whatever may unfold, trusting that your journey will unfold for your highest good.

Your reading can provide visibility to the influences as to where you are now, where you want to be, and your next steps on any given circumstance or situation.

My intention is to assist you through the process of making decisions through awareness and self-empowerment.


Booking and paying for your intuitive reading is the first step. I will contact you, via email, to collect information, such as if you have a question or topic you would like me to address, along with a recent photograph of yourself where I can see your eyes.

Your questions need to start with a “why”, “how”, or “what”. Using my cards and pendulum, I will intuitively focus in on your request.

After I have completed your reading. A PDF file containing a complete outline of your reading, as well as images of your cards within their spreads, will be forwarded to you. 

Approx time scale 7-10 days

intuitive card reading, oracle cards, tarot card reading


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