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Is emotion & pain interlinked?

In some way, shape, or form, every thought and feeling you have manifests physically in your body. A sacred bond exists between mind and body, despite not always being apparent. 
Every single thought and feeling you have manifests physically in your body in some way, shape, or form. Depending on your mood or how you feel at the time, the body releases various chemicals depending on your mood or how you feel, whether it is happy chemicals or stress hormones. Despite not always being readily apparent, the mind and body are entwined in a sacred bond. 

The Mind-body connection

Did you know that having a positive mindset, attitude, and outlook on life helps us resolve internal conflicts, which in turn helps us lead a healthy, happy life?  The same applies to negativity. When we dwell in negativity or think self-destructive thoughts, we avoid resolving internal issues and end up living unhealthy lifestyles. 

Our bodies store every emotion and experience we have in their cell memory. Any unresolved traumas or wounds will continue resurfacing until you fully heal them. Symptoms are the way that the body communicates with you. Listen to what your body is telling you if you have been experiencing a lot of tightness or pain in your body. It could be a sign that your body is trying to help you find inner peace and deal with past issues you’ve avoided.

The emotional connection

Pain in the Neck – A pain in the neck indicates the need to forgive. Perhaps it is forgiveness of another person or forgiveness of oneself. It can also represents inflexibility and stubbornness.

Now would be a great time to start making a list of all the qualities you appreciate about yourself. Feel free to admit your mistakes.

Pain in the Shoulders – tense shoulders could be a sign that you’re carrying too much weight of the world around with you. You take on more than you can handle, and trying to keep up is becoming a bit overwhelming.

Take it easy and try not to take on so much. Learn to say “No”. Take some time for yourself every once in a while, and believe that you are as important as anyone else.

Pain in the Elbows – Elbow pain may indicate a resistance to change in direction. There may be a life goal that you’ve been avoiding or resisting for some reason. Maybe you lack confidence in your own path and goals, and are hesitant to accept new experiences.

Choose to live your life to the fullest. You only get to do it once! Put on your big girl pants and open up to new experiences!

Pain in the Upper Back – A lack of emotional support is felt in the upper back. You may be repressing your love for someone else or feeling unloved yourself

Maybe sitting with this feeling and journaling with it might reveal a bit more. Try removing negative influences from your life. Identify the relationships that help you make positive decisions, and spend time with them. Writing, painting, music, drama, or any other form of art can be a positive outlet for negative feelings such as rejection, disappointment, and hatred.

Pain in the Lower Back – It is said that money is the root of all evil, but did you know that money could also be the cause of your low back pain? Not money itself, but rather fear, worry, and anxiety about money.

Documenting the source of financial stress helps you release it and could make you feel more empowered.

Pain in the Hips/Pelvic Bowl – Your hips are the body’s emotional junk drawer. A tight hip reflects fear of the future, and uncertainty about making life-changing decisions. The sacral chakra is also associated with this area, which houses creative energy and power. It also affects how you relate to your own emotions and those of others. Sacral chakra blockages are said to lead to emotional instability and reduced pleasure. In tight, contracted hips, it is possible that trapped sacral energy remains stuck.

Womb and Fertility Massage, and Womb Alchemy can help release anything that you are holding here. Follow the links to read more.

Pain in the Knees – Different emotional factors contribute to knee pain, including stubbornness in accepting someone else’s opinion or refusal to let go of something you can’t have. In essence, you find it hard to accept reality as it is.

Be a bit more humble and easy on yourself.

These a just an example of what pain can mean when connected to emotions. There are some great reference books out there if you want to dig deeper.

Did you relate to any of these pain points? I would love to hear what you think?