Are you looking to better understand yourself & what you truly want?

Let me draw you a personalised oracle card reading

Do you need advice or enlightenment on a specific issue?

Throughout our lives, we make decisions that affect our life path in a variety of ways depending on the choices we make. Having a personalised oracle card reading done according to one’s individual needs can help us gain valuable insights into ourselves that we might not have known otherwise. It may also be used to show us something we already know but do not want to be shown.

Or maybe you are just curious about what your future path might look like

By using oracle cards, we can gain a better understanding of ourselves and our situation, which can make it easier for us to make decisions. The feedback they provide is excellent for those who are seeking guidance.

Oracle cards can be used in multiple ways to help you break free from limiting patterns of behavior in a number of ways.

However, I am firm believer in individuals’ right to make their own choices. When making a decision, Oracle cards can be useful, but they shouldn’t be the only factor to consider. The circumstances and situations of a person change based on their actions, not due to fate itself. 

Your personalised Oracle card reading will function as a window into your soul

A personalised oracle card reading can be an excellent way to gain a better understanding of yourself, as well as learn valuable life lessons along the way. Moreover, you will be able to discover your current opportunities for growth and change as well as identify your present strengths.

If you are experiencing a variety of life challenges in your life, then an oracle card reading can be of great help to you. This can include relationships, careers, studies, parenting, health, emotions, living arrangements, finances, and so on.  

How your personalised oracle card Reading works

In order to get your personalised oracle card reading, the first step is to book and make payment for it. To prepare a session for you, I will send you an email to collect information about what you would like to discuss, such as a question or topic that you’d like me to cover in the session.

In order to enable me to channel whatever insight I receive from you, please feel free to ask open-ended questions to me. It is also possible to ask specific questions if you wish. If that is the case, I will be able to offer you insight and guidance tailored to your specific questions and concerns.

If you are going to ask a question, you should begin it with a “why”, “how”, or “what”. Based on my intuition, I will use my cards and pendulum to facilitate the process of intuitively focusing on your request.

Examples of the type of questions you could ask

  • What do I need to know about x situation? (relationship, career, specific goal, etc.)
  • What does the universe want me to know?
  • What is the biggest obstacle in my life currently?
  • What should I be focusing my energy on this week/month?
  • How can I open myself up to more abundance in life?
  • What is blocking me from the next steps I need to take?
  • What type of steps should I be taking to move to the next phase of my life?

Oracle cards drawn for your personal reading will have many layers of meaning

My goal is to draw as many cards as necessary until I feel I have a good response to give you.

As soon as I have completed your reading, I will get back to you. A PDF file of your reading will be sent to you as soon as it is completed. It will include a detailed outline of the spreads that we have chosen for your reading, as well as images of the cards within the spreads that we have chosen. 

It is estimated that the process will take approximately 3-5 days to complete

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My reading from Tania came as a beautifully formulated PDF booklet. I asked a question which was quite focused but also open to interpretation and unknown answers and I feel the messages that Tania received allowed me to see a new side to my situation. The reading was not only accurate, but gave me new insights to ponder and contemplate moving forward. I feel inspired and excited after this reading.
Well what can I say your reading for me was so accurate, especially the first card, there is a situation that is so spot on with what you’ve said about that card… and now summer is coming hopefully my family will be spending a lot more time together. But each card was so spot on with how my life is at the moment and how I’m feeling .. Thank you so much for the reading it was brilliant
Omg it’s spot on , I am off sick with stress and I’ll health generally and I need to make changes in my lifestyle to feel better and you are right only I can make these changes , I am beginning to feel like I have cried and the air is clearing and day by day things are getting better xx thank you so much and your intuition is spot on ❤️

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