Advanced Numerology Course

Numerology is the language of the Universe.

Have you got a basic knowledge but would like to learn more? Then why not learn from the best!

Denise Martinez Rossini is launching her Advanced Numerology Course to run at the end of July. This course will be live on this occasion only and is limited to 10 spaces only!

To get onto the Advanced Course you do need to have done Denise’s Basic Numerology Course. This is a learn at your leisure course and you can download that NOW using this link:

If you have already completed the Basic course then please use this link for the Advanced Numerology Course



Learn how numerology forecasting works in universal connection with the Archangels, Crystals, and Moonology.

With this knowledge, you will be able to match crystals and the Archangels with Life Path numbers for your clients. You will also have the insight to understand the vibrational energy of new and full moons and the magic they bring.

Completing this course opens up a whole new world of magic for you. It’s also certified to say that you have completed the course.