Celtic Goddess Morrigan Aura Ritual Mist


The Morrigan is the source of life-giving, death and transformation, regeneration and renewing, the circle of life. She is the moon’s three phases, maiden, nymph, and crone; the moon, new, waxing, and old. She is known for shifting her shape into a crow and watching over the rivers and lakes. She helps you connect to your inner strength, intuitive wisdom, and remember the great cycle and changes you are a part of. She can be used to dream magick and divination rituals too.

Each Aura Ritual Mist is made using a blend of essential oils and botanical blends to create an energetic alignment with each Celtic Goddess. It can be used for rituals, meditation, and spell work. Simply shake before use and spray your aura and sacred space/altar. Take a few deep breaths with purpose and let the mist go to work before setting your intentions.


The Morrigan Aura Ritual Mist is made with elements of:
✨Botanicals and essential oils
✨New & Full Moon Infused Distilled Water
✨Cane Alcohol
✨Each bottle contains clear quartz chips, intentionally charged to raise the vibration signature of this blend.

✨Each mist comes with a ritual to honour your chosen Celtic goddess. Complete with more details about the diety and her correspondences.

50ml plastic bottle with a spray nozzle.

Caution: Keep away it from children. Do not take internally. Consult your doctor if you are pregnant. Do not use on infants. Keep the bottle closed in a dark cool place away from direct sunlight.