Fertility Crystal Bundle


Over the centuries, crystals have been used for their natural healing powers and positive vibrations, each offering its own benefits. It is possible that someone experiencing fertility issues has an imbalance or blockage in their Sacral Chakra. Women’s Sacral Chakra controls reproduction, work, career, finances, creativity, self-esteem, sexuality, relationships, and emotions.

When used as a supporting tool, fertility crystals can help overcome energy blockages and boost spiritual well-being. Helping to stimulate the body’s energy flow to restore balance and help the body heal itself.

Every crystal has its own electromagnetic properties, and by keeping them close to our bodies, we can adjust any energy imbalances or blockages that cause us harm. The crystals in this fertility crystal bundle have been selected for their association with fertility, to enhance your overall wellbeing.


This fertility crystal bundle includes:

  • Moonstone crystal – the Stone of New Beginnings, is a beautiful crystal when wishing to get pregnant. It aligns with the feminine energy of the moon and reflects gentleness and
    emotional stability. It’s also referred to as the Woman’s Healing Stone, as it’s said to balance the female cycles, metabolism, and hormones, therefore helping you to conceive
  • Rose Quartz crystal – is a “must-have” crystal for fertility, as it’s a Stone of Love and is wonderful for opening your Heart centre. It imbues you with the qualities of self-worth and self-love which are vital when considering pregnancy. Rose Quartz is said to aid in increasing overall fertility. This pale pink stone is also helpful with headaches, migraines, sexual dysfunction, depression, addictions, and weight loss. Emotionally, Rose Quartz brings forgiveness, compassion, as well as balancing one’s emotions. It helps with healing emotional wounds and traumas. It is also known as a “bubble bath for the soul”
  • Unakite crystal – is a beautiful mixture of pink and green that stimulates, cleanses, and strengthens the Heart, Sacral, and Root Chakra. This allows it to ground negative energy and
    promote a positive mindset – both of which are key to boosting fertility. Additionally, unakite helps you remember and understand how past experiences could be causing blockages in your energy field. These blockages can cause a range of spiritual issues, including affecting fertility.
  • Carnelian crystal – is a great stone for fertility. It resonates with the Sacral Chakra, the energy centre for the male and female reproductive organs, and can remove energetic blockages. These opaque orangy-red crystals stimulate and balance the uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes, cervix, and vagina. It alleviates PMS and balances reproductive hormones and helps guard against miscarriage. Carry a carnelian in your trouser pockets or wear it on a belt. Keeping it close to the Sacral Chakra and reproductive area maximises its effects.

Plus a quick reference guide to these crystals and how to use them.

Please note the size, shape, and pattern on each stone may vary from the ones photographed depending on stock.