New Moon Intention Aura Mist


The new moon phase is a more introspective time and represents new beginnings as we plant seeds for the future. This is an excellent time to establish clear intentions for the month ahead, to clarify your goals, to start new projects, and to acknowledge your growth since the previous new moon.

✨Handmade with New Moon charged moon water, rose crystal chips, and pure therapeutic grade essential oils attuned to the Celtic Moon Goddess, Rhiannon.

✨This aura spray is attuned with a Sacral chakra singing bowl vibrating at 432 hz, the Divine Healing Frequency.

✨Shake well before each use. Spray this magic blend around yourself or your space during or around the new moon to set your intentions, and embrace newness in all forms.

✨Essential Oils: Basil, Cedarwood, Cypress, Fennel, Frankincense, Hyssop, Juniper, Marjoram, Myrtle, Neroli, Orange, Patchouli, Ravensara, Sandalwood and Ylang Ylang

✨Made to order, to guarantee complete freshness

Caution: Keep away it from children. Do not take internally. Consult your doctor if you are pregnant. Do not use on infants. Keep the bottle closed in a dark cool place away from direct sunlight.