Release Therapy

Trauma Release Therapy, seeks to help the nervous system regulate itself to move out of the constant state of hyper-vigilance. It also releases tension brought on by this state of fight or flight

When most people experience high levels of stress, they do what they need to do to survive and then heal, but clients with untreated trauma have spent too much time in survival mode and not enough time in healing mode, which means that their nervous systems cannot cope physically, emotionally, or mentally and have disconnected from their own bodies. The body holds this trauma for many years until it manifests as mental, emotional, or physical symptoms.

Symptoms of Trauma

  • chronic conditions e.g. chronic fatigue syndrome, autoimmune conditions, fibromyalgia, migraines, severe PMS, IBS, anxiety, and depression
  • insomnia
  • feeling numb/dissociated/disembodied
  • trouble focusing
  • irrational fears
  • fatigue and feeling overwhelmed
  • problems setting boundaries, sometimes resulting in destructive/criminal behaviour
  • staying in toxic and failed relationships
  • lack of confidence and self-worth
  • inability to move forward in life
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What to expect within your Trauma Release Therapy Session

The purpose of Trauma Release Therapy is to help you release stored trauma and reprogramme and regulate the nervous system. By listening to the body’s messages encoded in its physiology, balance is restored to the body through physical movement. This returns you to a relaxed state that enables healing at a cellular level.

All your sessions are conducted fully clothed. I recommend wearing comfortable, loose clothing for the session.

In your first session, you are invited to acknowledge the most significant trauma in your life, and the impact it has had on your life. You will be seen, heard, and supported in a safe environment during every session.

It is also helpful to understand trauma, and different states of the nervous system, and have an acceptance of your own story. Acknowledging and understanding trauma is just the first step in the healing process.


Upgrade Your Session Of Trauma Release Therapy

By embracing embodied healing practices and rituals, Wild Emersion facilitates unraveling, illuminating, and blessing your lineages’ wounds and roots. By doing so, you can gain a greater understanding of how your lineage’s history, stories, and wounds are impacting your life today. This can help you connect the dots between your past and present, allowing you to identify patterns, heal old wounds, and better understand yourself.