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New Moon

Oracle Cards

Together, Meghan Field + Tania Meacher announce the launch of the Rewilding the Feminine Full Moon + New Moon Oracle Decks!

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The cards are portals for connection, reflection and creativity. They are designed to support you with intention setting, releasing anything that is ready to be let go and taking clear actions aligned with your soul’s purpose. They are designed to take you on a journey from your head into your heart and encourage embodied enquiry and empowerment.

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Full Moon Intuition Deck

The cards in this deck are designed to support you to feel EMBODIED and EMPOWERED.

Taking inspiration from the energy and abundance of the full moon, they invite you to powerfully align with your feelings and intuition.

With phrases like;

  • Invitation over expectation
  • Retreat to recharge
  • Follow your curiosity

This deck encourages you to connect with the sensations in your body and take aligned action with how you truly feel.

66 cards

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New Moon intuition Deck

The cards in this deck are designed to support ENQUIRY.

Taking inspiration from the energy of the new moon, they invite you to slow down and connect to your feelings and intuition as you answer the questions they pose.

With questions like; 

  • What do you desire? 
  • How can you nurture your inner child?
  • Where is your internal compass directing you?

This deck encourages you to answer from your heart and take aligned action with how you truly feel.

55 cards

personalised oracle card reading
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Beautifully packaged

Each deck is packaged in its own Rewilding The Feminine hessian bag to protect your cards.

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Pre-orders before 15 September will receive the following gifts with purchase:

  • A link to a digital pdf of intuitively designed Rewilding The Feminine oracle card spreads
  • An invitation to attend the official online launch of the cards on 27 October, which includes a card blessing ceremony, writing ritual and a gentle embodied movement practice
  • Links to the Rewilding The Feminine Full Moon and New Moon oracle decks-inspired playlists
  • A selection of crystals shipped with your cards to supercharge your intentions!

pre-order price

Oracle Decks will ship early October 2022

Full Moon

One Deck
£ 25 Plus P&P

New Moon

One Deck
£ 25 plus P&P

Full Moon + New Moon

Both Decks
£ 45 PLus P&P
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How to use the cards:

Shuffle the cards and spread them out in front of you.

Pause and take three deep belly breaths and allow your inner wisdom to guide you to the card or cards that call to you today.

Read the words and notice any sensations arising in your body. Ask your heart (your centre of emotions) and low belly (your centre of power + intuition) what they want to show you right now about the card and its message.

You can journal about what comes up for you.

You can use the card as inspiration for how to move through your day.

  • Take a picture and use it as a screen saver.
  • Place the card on your altar or on your fridge as a reminder.
  • Use it as a bookmark.

You can also use these cards with friends, family, and colleagues when you want to get out of your head and connect to your heart and intuition.


praise from our product testers

Using the Rewilding the Feminine Deck feels like being in ceremony with your dearest soul sisters. The cards are beautifully written and hold you in a sacred container. They reflect back to you the contents of your heart, just like a group of like-minded souls in circle.
These cards bypass the mind and speak directly to your heart. A lovingly curated deck where every card speaks its own soul truth. Today, I picked ‘Slow down to feel more’. I have been rushing around filling my days lately, but this has sparked a remembering that you can only hear the soft whispers of life when you take time to really feel it. I feel blessed to have received this gentle reminder, and will relish the glorious slowing down and natural unfolding. I feel held, safe, and forever supported. These cards are perfect for giving a platform for the soul to speak, and the heart to listen.
I’ve been one of the lucky few to get the opportunity to use these new oracle cards and I’d like to share my experience with you. Firstly they are slightly larger than normal making them easy to handle and the quality of the material is good. I adore the simplicity of the black and white, masculine and feminine and how it symbolises the essence of being human and the cyclical nature of women and Mother Earth. As someone in recovery, I also appreciate the encouragement to be ‘of service’, to lovingly serve yourself and others. For me, the decks represent the divine sense of self, the universe and the spiritual world. A gentle way of connecting and reconnecting with who you really are, away from societal parameters.



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Meghan Field

Is an insatiable Gemini polymath, whose purpose is to support and hold space for women wherever they are on their empowerment journeys. Meghan is a social justice activist working to end intersectional inequalities, including men’s violence against women and girls. She is an intuitive embodiment practitioner and Qoya teacher, an Irish Celtic Shaman and Moon Mna women’s circle facilitator, a Practical Magic Coach, the owner of Sacred Kernow Retreats, and the founder of The Intuition Conversations Podcast. Through 1:1 work, classes, workshops, public speaking, and retreats, Meghan invites you to activate and strengthen your muscle of intuition: to trust yourself more, to remember who you are at your core, to get ever clearer on your purpose, and to experience the intrinsic power in this clarity.

Tania Meacher

Is an Intuitive Womb Whisperer and Spiritual Embodiment Coach. Supporting spiritually curious women who feel a calling to embark on a journey to rediscover their feminine power. Reconnecting womb wisdom and creativity. Through 1:1 work, both online and in person, classes, workshops, and retreats, she is committed to helping women who have lost touch with their inner compass, who feel overwhelmed, lost, confused, burnt out, or are simply called to this work. Women who desire to align with their womb and heart, are called to take their healing journey on a much deeper level. Bringing them back in touch with their inner wise woman, or witch, their intuition, wisdom, and creative power.

Tania Meacher - spiritual embodiment coach, wild ascension , womb alchemy, trauma,

For any inquiries please email