Spirit Weaver Medicine Dolls

Needle felted hand crafted Medicine Dolls for Rituals, Ceremonies, Sister Circles and Sacred Space

The Art of Creating A Spirit Doll

Our ancestors called these dolls Spirit keepers, Medicine dolls, Healing dolls or Spirit dolls. They have been created in cultures all over the world for centuries. 

The purpose of these Spirit Dolls is to weave an intention or wish for yourself or the recipient, into the creation. They would of been used for healing, ritual, ceremonies and honouring spirit, sky, land and sea.

Our ancestors  would of used  whatever materials that were available, fur, bone, sticks and feathers to create their doll.

The Call Of My grandmothers

Down through the red cord of my female lineage, I receive ideas, intentions, and visions from my ancestral grandmothers through my dreams. From here the Spirit Weaver Doll is envisioned.

Spirit dolls are needle felted from a variety of special wools and natural fibres and are inspired by nature and spirit. Using my own dried cleansing bundles gathered from my local habitat, I smudge my workspace and all the materials. 

Every doll holds a medicine bundle within her belly which is selected intuitively. This could be herbs, flowers, talismans, feathers or crystals. The materials and medicine bundles are mostly gathered from nature on my travels and from my local woodland and beaches.

When shaping the wool I drop into a meditative state, where I am sat in circle with my ancestral grandmothers as I craft my design. The dolls become a vessel as they begin to take shape, filling up with guidance and direction. As they are formed, they serve as messengers, guardians, talismans and healers.  Being guided intuitively to choose embellishments to adorn them. 

All of my Spirit Weaver Dolls are faceless as they should be seen through the eyes and heart of their intended keepers, not mine. Through imagination, intuition, and transformation, they are intended to activate and inspire your own personal journey.

Each doll is unique and carries her own special qualities and messages. Like symbols, there are certain dolls that embody a message, or tell a story, that have appeared throughout history; they are relevant, powerful, and necessary. 

A ceremony is held once the dolls are complete to call in their energy, to give thanks for the messages and energy that have been received from my ancestors and to honour and thank the creation that has unfolded.

Each doll is now ready for its Keeper to find it

Spirit Weaver Dolls can be used as tools of magic, of holding intention, and used within ritual and ceremony, circles and sacred space. Place her on your altar or close by your pillow to absorb your dreams. They are considered messengers, guardians, talismans and healers, speaking to my intuition as they are formed.

Mother Of magic

Make room for the magic, Step back and let it flow
Fan the coals and embers, And let the magic grow.


Credit: Robert Longley

Height approx: 7 inches.

Medicine Bundle: Oak, Yew, Crow Feather, Cowrie Shell, Sage, Moonstone, Amethyst, Carnelian

Custom Spirit Weaver Dolls

How would you like to have your own custom Spirit Weaver doll with medicine from spirit in a way that is uniquely tailored to your needs? 
To create your custom doll, we will firstly connect via Zoom, where you will be offered an Oracle card reading. From here we will establish the energy your doll wishes to embody.
During the production process, I will intuitively be guided as to what elements and items need to be woven into your doll. Because of this process, your doll can take 1-2 weeks to complete.

If you would like to chat with me further regarding a custom doll order, please get in touch