Tania Meacher - Wild Weaver Of Feminine Alchemy -Turn your fears into freedom - Discover the secrets to balancing your nervous system and healing trauma - Spiritual Empowerment Coach

Hi, I'm Tania Meacher

A spiritual empowerment coach, trauma survivor & wild weaver of feminine alchemy

  • Creatrix of Womb Alchemy®, Wild Weaver™ & Wild Emersion™
  • Womb Whisperer
  • Trauma informed
  • Celtic Sorceress & Ancient High Priestess
  • Intuitive Energy & Soul Healer.
  • Practitioner of Bodywork
  • Facilitator of Women’s Empowerment Circles & Workshops
  • Multi-award winner within the wellness industry

I operated from a place of lack

Growing up, I lacked self-confidence and self-esteem. Trying to measure myself against the popular kids. When school discos rolled around, I was often the wallflower, wondering why the cool boys wouldn’t invite me to dance. It was my girlfriends who got asked, not me. What was the difference between me and them? Whats more, I would be happily playing with friends on the playground, only to be excluded the next day. A second time I’m questioning my exclusion. In addition, bullying was a part of my childhood as well. It knocked my confidence, so I played small.

Working-class background

I was raised on a council estate by working-class parents. Dad worked shifts and played in a band. My mom worked two afterschool jobs. My parents instilled the value of hard work in me at a young age, and showed me that it was necessary to succeed.

It was rarely allowed for friends to visit, and I was told to be quiet and not make a noise so I wouldn’t wake up my father, who often slept in the lounge watching TV when he wasn’t working. My mum would always be hidden away in the kitchen, making herself busy.  The lack of affection and connection is evident here. This lack of connection and affection likely had a detrimental effect on their relationship, leading to a disconnect between them and a lack of intimacy. This in turn affected their ability to show affection to myself and my brother, left us feeling a lack of connection and love.  

Tania Meacher - Spiritual Empowerment Coach

The trauma continued

At the age of 16, I left my home and fell into an abusive and controlling relationship. When I was 19, I broke free and moved away. Over the years, I repeated the same pattern. Attracting controlling and abusive relationships. Still operating from a place of lack – of money, and confidence. Over time, I ended up in a long-term narcissistic relationship with someone I believed to be my soulmate, until I started to see the bigger picture.

Losing everything

I have been a single parent twice. Having to budget with limited resources. One occasion, with the discovery of my ex’s affair, left me with only £30 in the bank and three children to feed. Due to my inability to pay the mortgage, my house was repossessed.

Time to change

My mistakes were numerous when I look back. Each of them taught me something. Although it sometimes took me a while to learn the lessons, I eventually did. After looking back on my life, I have no regrets, because each experience taught me a valuable lesson.

As a single parent, I built a business doing what I loved in 2009. I reconnected with myself through spiritual practices and tools. Connecting with crystals, rituals, oracle cards, and reflective journals, for myself and within my business.

Tania Meacher - Wild Weaver Of Feminine Alchemy -Turn your fears into freedom - Discover the secrets to balancing your nervous system and healing trauma - Spiritual Empowerment Coach

My own healing journey

It has been a privilege to work with some great teachers, coaches, and practitioners who have nurtured my skills and gifts.

The more I learned about myself, the more confident I became. The things I was willing to accept, and the things I wasn’t. Plus identifying my passions.

I began to attract the right people into my life. Positivity-generating individuals. Those who are supportive. Reliable and trustworthy. Some great friends and my supportive, loving husband.

Post-traumatic stress

In spite of this, I still second-guessed myself. I still suffered from imposter syndrome as I compared myself to others. I was afraid people would think I was a fraud or ridicule me when I appeared on social media. Playing small, avoiding live video and reels, and hiding myself.

Due to my childhood and the trauma attached to being nearly homeless, I still operated from a place of insecurity and lack, constantly micromanaging money. This behaviour is a form of post-traumatic stress, where I would continue to struggle with the feeling that I don’t have enough and will never have enough, leading to me constantly trying to control my finances in an effort to feel secure.

I finally shifted the pattern

As a result of taking a trauma healing course in 2022, I finally broke these patterns. I discovered I was holding onto inherited beliefs and traumas not only from my parents but from my ancestors. It was a physical and emotional shift I hadn’t experienced before. I was transformed by the experience. It was time for me to step into my true self. No more hiding in the shadows. The time had come for me to step into my power. No longer did I doubt myself. I stopped comparing myself to others. I fully owned who I was. You can see proof of this on my social media accounts.

The journey of growth often takes you to uncomfortable places.  I still have some things to work on, but for now, I’m right where I need to be.

Tania Meacher - Spiritual Empowerment Coach

So there you have it, years of……..

  • Being exposed to, witnessing or experiencing trauma
  • Being disconnected, and switched off from my emotions
  • Controling, physical, abusive and narsistic relationships
  • Bouts of depression and hitting rock bottom
  • Being told to play small and be quiet
  • You talk to much, your laugh is too loud
  • You are not worthy
  • You can’t wear that, you wont succeed, you don’t deserve it
  • No condifence, or self-esteem
  • Being judged and criticised
  • Dishonesty and mistrust
  • Living in a place of lack and fear
  • Losing everything
  • Of repeating patterns and learned behaviour

My mission

I am passionate about helping other women release, dissolve and let go of the stories that hold them back, so they too can step into their light, their power, know their purpose and direction, but most of all have the confidence that makes them shine!

Holding space for you

Using an intuitive approach and evidence-based strategies, I help you take back control of your life. The purpose of my presence is not to heal you, but to guide you toward your own ability to heal. Weaving all the modalities I have learned,  my mission is to empower you through ancient embodiment practices and alchemy. Providing you with a safe and nurturing environment for exploring, unraveling, and healing as you release what no longer serves you. Through deep inner work and exploration, we will develop clarity in your life’s vision, cultivate confidence in your self-worth, and breakthrough your limiting beliefs.



  • Spiritual Life Coach Diploma
  • Master NLP  Practitioner & Timeline Therapist
  • Empowered Feminine Therapy, including, Entangled Roots, & Trauma Release Massage Therapy
  • Trauma-Informed Coaching Certificate
  • Mediation & Mindfulness Diploma
  • Ancestral Healing Diploma
  • Akashic Records Diploma
  • Hypnotherapy Practitioner
  • Hypnotherapy Past-life Regression Diploma
  • EFT Practitioner
  • Divine Feminine Diploma
  • Reiki Master
  • Crystal Healing Diploma
  • Wicca for the Modern Age Certificate
  • Advanced Master Herbalist Diploma
  • Magical Herbalism Diploma
  • Journal Therapy Diploma
  • Fertility Massage Certificate
  • Closing Of The Bones Certificate
  • Advanced Reflexology Diploma
  • Reproflexology Certificate
  • Infertility & Maternity Reflexology
  • Swedish Massage
  • Pregnancy Massage Certificate
  • Preconception, Pregnancy & Postnatal Reflexology Care Diploma
  • Light Touch Reflexology Educator – babies & toddlers
  • Certificate Course in Menopause Symptoms Remedies
  • Moon Mother Level 1
  • Health, Safety & Security & Employment Standards Diploma
  • Advanced Aromatherapy Diploma
  • Flower & Vibrational Essences Practitioner
  • Diet & Nutritional Adviser Diploma (distinction)
  • Hand Reflexology
  • Facial Reflexology Certificate
  • Hands-Free Massage
  • Indian Head Massage Diploma

Achievements & Awards

  • Nominated for The Life Achievement Award & the Inspirational Woman Award for the Natwest Venus Awards 2014
  • Selected as a finalist two years in a row, 2015 & 2016, for the category of the Small Business Award for Networking Mummies UK Ltd.
  • Winner of Networking Mummies UK Ltd Small Business Award 2017
  • Winner of UK Enterprise Awards – Best for Pregnancy and Post Natal Holistic Therapies – West Sussex 2017
  • Winner of Global Health & Pharma – Best Women’s Health & Wellness Specialist – England 2018
  • Winner of UK Enterprise Awards – Best Alternative Women’s Health Provider 2018 – Hampshire
  • Selected Winner of Global Excellence Awards – Best Advanced Intuitive Practitioner – Havant 2019
  • Winner of Global Insight Business Awards – Best Massage Therapy Provider 2019 – United Kingdom
  • Winner, Best Fertility Massage Therapist 2019 – South East England – Enterprise Awards hosted by SME News
  • Most Outstanding in Fertility Massage – Hampshire – Winner -Global Excellence Awards 2020. 
  • Most Outstanding Fertility Massage Therapist 2021 – Winner – South East England – 2021 Global Business Insight Awards
  • Best Spiritual Entrepreneur Coaching Service – UK 2021- Winner – On behalf of Global Health & Pharma
  • Winner, Spiritual Branding Coach of the Year (UK) 2021 – CEO Monthly, Global CEO Excellence Awards
  • Best Womb & Fertility Massage Service – South England – Winner -Global Excellence Awards 2021
  • Spiritual Embodiment Coach of the Year (South East England): in the Global CEO Excellence Awards 2022
  • Best Spiritual Healing Embodiment Coach Company 2022 – UK in the Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 2022, hosted by Global Health & Pharma. 
  • Spiritual Embodiment Coach & Mentor of the Year 2022 (South East): awarded by Southern Enterprise Awards 2022, proudly hosted by SME News
  • Most Empowering Spiritual Life Coach (UK): .in the Global Excellence Awards 2022, hosted by LUXlife
  • Best 1:1 Womb & Spiritual Life Coaching Service – Southern England: in the Global Excellence Awards 2022, hosted by LUXlife
Tania Meacher - Spiritual Empowerment Coach - wild weaver womens circles #3

Fun Facts

My life has been filled with mystical and philosophical teachings from a variety of cultures. The mysteries and myths of ancient cultures, crystals, and sacred places have always fascinated me. Almost every day, I discover something new about myself.

  • I am descended from one of Scotland’s oldest clans.
  • I am an introverted sun sign of Leo. My moon sign is Gemini, and my rising sign is Sagittarius. ENFJ personality and a manifesting generator.  
  • I have been a witch in many of my past lives, and am showing up fully in power in this lifetime. 
  • My first life was as a Lyran High Priestess, healing women through sound vibration, restoring balance and harmony through pink light and the sacral chakra. (And here I am in this present time still working with the energy of the sacral chakra as a Wild Weaver of Feminine Alchemy).