My Story Is About

resilence & transformation

Each & Every Experience We Encounter In Life

shapes us & guides us towards who we become

I want to provide you with a vivid illustration of how I emerged from a life filled with hardship and turned it around into something truly amazing. By sharing my journey, I aim to ignite a spark within you, allowing you to realize that regardless of the obstacles you face, you possess the power to piece it all together and construct the life you were destined to lead.

Let me tell you about my story about how I emerged from a life filled with hardship and turned it around into something truly amazing.
The struggles you’re facing at this current moment are all too familiar to me. It wasn’t until I began the healing journey of my own ancestral lineage that I truly grasped the profound impact it had on me and my life.

My Life

was shaped by lack, trauma, & spiritual curiosity

I had a curious nature about the supernatural and mystical world, and knew things I could not explain as a child. I was fascinated by the power of the unseen and the connections between things. This curiosity led me to explore different spiritual paths and practices. I discovered that I could access a deeper level of understanding and insight, and I began to recognize the potential of my own spiritual abilities.

However, my life was not without its trials. I experienced deeply challenging times, marked by witnessing or experiencing different forms of abuse since my childhood, emotionally depressive phases, two failed marriages, consistent loops of unhealthy relationships, deceit and deception, cycles of excessive alcohol consumption, financial hardship and homelessness. Years of being told to be quiet, I talk too much, my laugh is too loud, you will never make anything of yourself. Feelings of I’m not worthy, I am not enough, I don’t deserve it, I’m a failure, I don’t fit in, I’m the black sheep of the family and more.

Tania Meacher - Spiritual Empowerment Coach
Tania Meacher - Spiritual Empowerment Coach


It’s quite challenging when you’re continuously wrestling with the idea that you’re not good enough. This struggle drove me to endlessly chase after approval and establish my worth, resulting in a cycle of unhealthy relationships. Unfortunately, fear, anxiety, self-doubt and emotional disconnection had become deeply rooted in my identity.

Through the lens of epigenetics, we now understand that trauma can be passed down the generations via our DNA. It was this fascinating topic that unexpectedly led me to discover more about family constellations and intergenerational trauma. Reflecting on it now, it doesn’t surprise me; it seems like the Universe was gently leading me down this path, hinting that it was time I began a healing journey of my own.


Tania Meacher - Spiritual Empowerment Coach

As I explored the intriguing tapestry of my family’s past, a pattern emerged clearly. At this point, I stumbled upon something deeply significant. I discovered that there were, in fact, two members from each side of my parentage – mum’s as well as dad’s – who endured the immense pain of rejection and abandonment by their own parents, triggered by the circumstances they found themselves in. The heartbreaking narrative of abuse, too, was a vein that ran through my family history, along with substance abuse. As emotionally intense as it was, this exploration felt like the universe was gently steering me towards discovering the depths of my own self and healing my past. Taken aback, yet deeply moved, I found myself embracing and understanding the importance of my past’s bitter revelations as a form of personal growth.


it all made sense!

The narrative I had lived my whole life was that of my ancestors. These patterns and traumas occurred with them.

Emotional and physical abuse, controlling, narcissistic and toxic relationships, rejection and abandonment, financial debt, significant losses, deceit and deception, as well as substance abuse

I had been carrying around this inherited burden that wasn’t even mine! I felt so much lighter once I offloaded this inherited debt! My past didn’t define me anymore. Finally I was able to start living an authentic and meaningful life, one that I was able to create and claim as my own.

The Birth Of

ancestral alchemy

And that is how ancestral alchemy was birthed into the world. I want to help other women, like you, who have found themselves on a similar path to the one I lived, so they can break the chains of ancestral trauma that have impacted the way they have shown up in the world.

Rewrite your narrative so you can step fully into your own spotlight. Create a legacy of your own, tapping into your inner strength and creativity. This will enable you to see your value and potential, discover your natural inherited gifts, and take the necessary steps to make your dreams a reality.

now it's my time to help you change your life around

I Would Love To Work With You!

uks' leading ancestral alchemist

Hi, I'm Tania Meacher

As a spiritual empowerment coach and trauma survivor, I know first-hand how powerful letting go of limiting stories can be. That’s why I’m passionate about helping other women do the same – so they can step fully into their light, their power, and their purpose. Are you tired of feeling held back by your past? Do you crave the confidence to truly shine? I can help. Together, we’ll release old patterns, dissolve self-doubt, and take powerful steps towards the life you’ve been dreaming of. Don’t let your story define you any longer. Contact me today and let’s transform your life from the inside out.

  • Certified Trauma Informed Ancestral & Spiritual Empowerment Coach
  • Creatrix of Ancestral Alchemy™,  Womb Alchemy®,  & Wild Entanglements™
  • Celtic Sorceress & Ancient High Priestess
  • Intuitive Energy & Soul Healer, & Bodyworker
  • Facilitator of Women’s Empowerment Circles & Workshops
  • Multi-award Winner Within The Wellness Industry
Tania Meacher - Wild Weaver Of Feminine Alchemy -Turn your fears into freedom - Discover the secrets to balancing your nervous system and healing trauma - Spiritual Empowerment Coach

The woo About Me

Books, ancient myths, mysteries, crystals, candles, and travel to sacred sites have always captured my heart! Learning about a place’s history really excites me – there’s something special about standing where our ancestors once stood and feeling that connection to something greater. I enjoy exploring ancient sites and artifacts and discovering how they relate to our lives today. It’s fascinating to study the spiritual beliefs of our ancestors and find ways to apply that knowledge to our lives. Overall, I truly believe that by understanding our past, we can pave the way for a better future!

Tania Meacher - Wild Weaver Of Feminine Alchemy -Turn your fears into freedom - Discover the secrets to balancing your nervous system and healing trauma - Spiritual Empowerment Coach
  • I come from a long line of intuitive healers within one of Scotland’s oldest clans, the Robertsons.
  • I’m a sun sign Leo, but my moon sign is Gemini and my rising sign is Sagittarius. As an ENFJ personality and a 6/2 Manifesting Generator in human design, I strive to create positivity and bring balance and healing to the world.
  • Green is my all-time favourite colour. I mean, who doesn’t love the colour of life, nature, and growth? It’s such a calming colour that brings balance and restores energy. Can you tell I’m obsessed with it?
  • My name, Tania, derives from the Russian Tatiana or Titania, meaning “Fairy Queen”. How magical is that?
  • Speaking of magic, I’ve lived many lives as a keeper of wisdom, and continue to do so in this present life. I embrace and honour the power within me, using it to bring balance and healing to the world. My work is guided by the wisdom of the ancients and empowered by the divine. I put my knowledge and craft to use, creating only positive vibes around me.
  • In a past life, I served as a Lyran High Priestess, using the power of sound vibrations and pink light to help women heal and find balance through their sacral chakra. Funny enough, even now in this present time, I’m still working with this energy as a Wild Weaver of Ancestral Alchemy. Isn’t it fascinating how our past experiences shape our present paths?