Transform your wounds into wisdom & free yourself to live the life you want

Wild Emersion™ facilitates unraveling, illumination, & blessing of your lineage's wounds & roots through embodied healing practices & rituals

The key to living the life you truly desire is to untangle ancestral trauma, Inherited patterns, beliefs, & birth imprints

There are unique challenges facing every family, and most of the challenges will repeat generation after generation. Some families face more severe problems such as abuse, while others display subtler signs of guilt, manipulation, and control. 

Possibly you come from a lineage of people with addictions, not just to substances but also to addictive personalities. Your ancestors may have tried hiding pain and seeking solace from repetition, whether it was drinking alcohol or cleaning their house, and now you are living their experiences.

Your ancestors’ unfinished business is passed down through generations as karmic bonds or unspoken contracts. All that they encountered is embedded in your cellular memory. Imprints of events, experiences, or environments are stored in your physical and energetic bodies. 

In a nutshell, it’s how you remember experiences, including the traumatic, stressful, or uncomfortable ones.

"Physical illness is the result of built up energetic, emotional & karmic energy that is lodged & stuck in the body"

Ancestral trauma passed down through generations can ripple through multiple areas of life, not just for the survivors, but also for descendants not yet born at the time of the original trauma. 

In addition to physical symptoms, it can manifest as chronic illnesses, anxiety, depression, panic attacks, insomnia, issues with self-esteem and self-confidence, and more.

If you ignore this call to do ancestral trauma healing, the same lessons will be repeated by you and others for generations to come. You can also see this as a gift, to do the work and begin to heal old wounds that have been a part of your family for years.

This is your invitation to reclaim a deeper feminine wisdom, as you unravel the ancestral Trauma & wounding that has prevented you from shining your light

  • Find out what unconscious thoughts, behaviors, and belief systems are holding you back from your full potential.
  • Identify the ancestral trauma patterns and other psychological tracks left behind by earlier family members and ancestors, and understand their effect on your life.
  • Resolve childhood wounds that are leading you to repeat unwanted experiences as an adult.
  • Shed the layer after layer of social conditioning and limiting belief systems.
  • Identify and remove the emotional triggers, traumatic experiences, and pain stored in your body.
  • Learn how to reset your nervous system using somatic-based wellness practices.
  • Integrate and love all parts of yourself so that you can feel whole again.
  • Get in touch with your intuition, find your voice, stand in your truth, claim your sovereignty, and reclaim your power

Wild Emersion™ weaves together 4 distinct pillars of the W.I.L.D. FRAMEWORK, that will guide you into mastering your fullest expression as a woman

Healing these ancestral trauma’s, and wounds is never an easy process, but the rewards at the end and the freedom you will feel are well worth it. When we embody all parts of ourselves, we step into our authentic selves, into our creativity, into our birthright to be seen & heard, and to live in our fullness unapologetically and courageously



The Wild Wisdom manifesto is a call to personal growth and radical transformation. It is a realm of infinite possibilities. Healing your body, heart, and spirit with ancient indigenous wisdom and contemporary therapeutic techniques, and discovering the power of rituals to manifest change.



Intuition is how our subconscious mind communicates with our conscious mind; it is the sense of feeling something rather than knowing it, or the gut instincts or hunches we get seemingly out of nowhere. You will gain a deeper understanding of yourself as you begin to trust and recognize your intuition.



In order to live a more meaningful life, it is important that you decide consciously which stories you wish to keep and which ones you need to edit. Empower yourself to change a story that doesn't serve you. A key element of personal transformation is rewriting the legacy of your life.



Become more aligned with the divine feminine energy within you. The Divine Feminine is a force of nature. – She is the Earth, the Moon, the oceans, and the stars. Connected with the body, with nature, and with the cycles of creation and transformation. She is the Goddess energy that exists in all of us.


Is a powerful and transformational, yet gentle guided embodiment practice that recalibrates your nervous system, allowing for deep emotional healing.  

Revealing a higher purpose in life, and enabling deeper self-compassion and empowerment, as previous generational shackles are released.

Together we can recalibrate your nervous system and create more space for self-compassion, deep emotional healing, and rich relationships.

Together, we will dive into:

 **1:1 in person only


Allow me to hold you as you unravel the threads that are out of alignment so that you may weave new threads that feel more true, more authentic & more empowering. 

Family Constellations | Ancestral Healing | Energetic Boundaries | Ceremonies & Rituals | Psychodrama | Embodied Movement | Restorative Trauma Release Therapy | Entagled Roots



Delivered in person or online in a group setting


Work with me in-person or virtually on a 1:1 basis

You are the link in a chain of cause & effect that stretches for thousand generations before & after you

In order for our bodies to heal, we must connect the mind & body, inviting the awareness of stored negative emotions & trauma to rise to the surface so that they can be processed.