1:1 online & in person sessions

Are you ready to break the chains of your ancestral patterns, your own wounding's, patterns & self limiting beliefs?

Be seen, be heard, be held, be supported

However hard we try to forget traumatic experiences, they have an impact on our Nervous System. This can cause us to dissociate from feelings and emotions within our bodies, causing us to react to certain triggers, and cause us to hold our bodies in certain ways as a form of protection.

Although shadow work can be challenging, it can push you into uncomfortable places, the results are worth it. Being held, nurtured, and made to feel safe permits you to unravel, reprogram, and start to FEEL again. You will step out stronger, liberated, and with a sense of clarity about WHO you are and what you want from life.

What Previous Clients Have To Say


It was the most nurturing and relaxing experience I’ve had in a long time. I have an awareness of some trauma stuff that I hold on the left side of my body but I’ve never been able to shift it physically before. I’m not quite certain how Rhythmic Massage works but what I do know is that my nervous system feels more balanced on my left side now and in the week since the treatment, I’ve had a few emotional and mental breakthroughs that I can only think have been as a result of this Tania and her magic hands!

Debbie - In-person Sessions

Tania has been such a great support and has really helped me to focus on what is going on inside my soul. She has helped me to gain clarity in both my personal and professional life. I would describe her as having an empathetic soul and knows exactly how to help you discover what it is that you need.

Sara - Virtual Session

The Benefits of Doing The Work

  • Release the blockages that are holding you back.
  • Make positive changes in your relationships (with parents, partners, children, coworkers, friends, etc.).
  • Improve your empathy, love, and compassion for others and yourself.
  • Discover who you truly are.
  • Identify what you want from life.
  • Change your relationship with money, finances, and abundance.
  • Gain greater self-confidence so you can live a more fulfilling and productive life.
  • Remove emotional triggers, traumas, and pain from your body.
  • Balance your body, mind, and spirit by resetting your nervous system.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of your body and intuition. 
  • Clear the wounds caused by transgenerational trauma.

A Wild Emersion Journey will include


Is a spiritually-grounded, process that opens up a pathway to your roots to fuel the transformation of inherited burdens and the full embodiment of your gifts.


A really powerful tool to visually illustrate and map out generational traumas that may be impacting the way you show up in the world


Through self-awareness, mindfulness, connection, self-regulation, and creating balance, the body can be used as a tool for healing.


Recalibrating your nervous system by rhythmically rocking, vibrating, and pulsing with the pathway of tension, repressed breathing, or stuckness.


Reframing is an effective way to break the old patterns and get your brain on a new path that is no longer holding you back.


The practice of documenting both your experiences as well as your interpretation of those experiences as we do the work.


The art of letting go of our busy minds and being present in our bodies, to tune in to and feel every aspect of who we are.


A safe and supportive space for you share your truth, and be witnessed and heard; without any shame, guilt, or judgement.


Workbooks, tools and resources to support your healing journey

*Rhythmic massage – in-person sessions only. 

How The Sessions Are Conducted

All sessions are tailored to the needs of each client. In the first session, we identify what we need to work on together. Your repeating patterns, limiting beliefs, and inherited trauma are explored in a safe, held, and nourishing container. 

Follow-up sessions are tailored to what surfaces in the sessions.

You will receive additional resources, tools, and support between sessions.

While in-person immersions include Rhythmic Massage, online this is replaced with embodiment practices.


Your Investment

Payment Plans Are Available




£ 180
  • 1 x 3 hour session
  • Ancestral Healing
  • Entangled Roots
  • Restorative Trauma Release Massage



£ 333
  • 1 x 2 hour session
  • PLUS 2 x 90 minute follow on session
  • Ancestral Healing
  • Entangled Roots
  • Restorative Trauma Release Massage
  • Somatic Practices
  • Ancestral Rituals
  • Tools & Resources
  • WhatsApp In-between Session Support



£ 333
  • 1 x 2 hour session
  • PLUS 3 x 60 minute follow on sessions
  • Ancestral Healing
  • Entangled Roots
  • Somatic Practices
  • Embodiment Practices
  • Ancestral Rituals
  • Tools & Resources
  • WhatsApp In-between Session Support

1:1 online & in person sessions

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