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ancestral alchemy #9
Tania meacher, Ancestral healing and spiritual empowerment

ancestral alchemy™


Break free from your past & reclaim your life with this online signature program. Become the star of your life story!


online + in person

Ready to unleash your potential? Turn to spiritual coaching & embrace a brighter future free from the weight of the past.

elemental energy healing
wild entanglements

wild entanglements™

in person

Gain valuable insight into dysfunctional family dynamics and overcome personal challenges rooted in your past

trauma release therapy

in person

Seeks to help the nervous system regulate itself to move out of the constant state of hyper-vigilance.

trauma release
ancestral alchemy #4

Elemental healing Alchemy

in person

An elemental approach to realignment through Celtic shamanic energy healing. Weaving ancient and modern practices, with embodiment into a fully holistic experience

rite of the womb

in person

Unlock your creativity! Discover the transformative power of an Ancient Womb Healing Ritual. 

rite of womb
womb massage

womb massage

in person

Addressing birth trauma, loss, grief, stored emotions, hormonal imbalances, fertility, menopause, post hysterectomy recovery and reconnection to your creative portal

ancestor dolls

creative in person workshop

Ancestor Dolls, as magical tools and intention holders, are perfect for incorporating into rituals, ceremonies, circles, and other sacred spaces.

create your own ancestor medicine doll